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I have died many a death in love, and yet, had I not loved I would never have lived at all.David Lasater

This memorial was created to remember my father, Edward Joseph Arevalo; born in New York on July 18, 1929 and left us too soon on June 30, 2007. You will live forever in my memory and heart. You were the best father, grandfather and friend to everyone, and you are deeply missed.  Thank you for being the best, Pop. I love you, miss you and are eternally grateful for you humor and love. I know you are watching over me, and your years of guidance are with me, always. Until we meet again, I love you to the moon and back. 


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Oh Daddy, it's been five years and five months and I guess my heart is healing, but there's a hole in it that you took when you left. I thank God every day that I had a dad like you, and I try to console myself that I am fortunate that you were so wonderful, and that is why I miss you so much. 
Oh Boo. You were just the best. I didn't have enough time with you, and I will forever regret not having a wedding, not having that Daddy-Daughter dance, I regret not being able to giv eyou a grandson, I regret moving away from you. But I am confident that I loved you more than I have loved anyone, and that you and I had the most FUN relationship. I just think of you and have to laugh. I wish I could hear your voice again, that you would sing to me and LAUGH for me one more time. Oh, who am I kidding? Not one time, I want you back forever.
Miss you Boo. Love you. AMLA.  
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